About The Artist


Welcome to my online gallery. Early on I learned to work with many different kinds of media; pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil paint.  I attended Michigan State University and received a BS in Interior Design and studied fine arts at the university level but it wasn’t until after my 3rd child was born that I decided to take up a brush and learn to paint.  I learned oil painting using a limited palette and still use that technique. I also enjoy painting in acrylic.  It has taken me longer to be happy with my acrylic technique but I continue to improve.  Although I have made great accomplishments in painting I still know I have a lot to learn and enjoy the challenge of every new painting.

My grandmother was a painter and I always admired the work she did and the fact that she had her own ‘studio’.  I regret that I never took the chance to learn to paint before she died.  I did, however, inherit her paint box and after moving it from place to place over time I opened it about 20 years after she last used it and was still able to use some of her oil pigments.  She is my inspiration and I know her talent was passed on to me.  I feel blessed that God has given me this talent and I like to share it with others.  For this reason, when I first began to paint I saw my paintings as a gift that I wanted to give others and that is what I did with many of them.  I also have had my work in Evergreen Gallery and Art & Soul Gallery, both in Traverse City, MI.

I have always loved art and nature and the simple things in life.  Realism is the first style I used when I started painting. I was most inspired by the "Old Masters" and truly admire their talent. I also love the Impressionist style and continue to try to learn that technique.  

Whatever the reason you have come to my website I would like to welcome you. I always find inspiration in other artists work and appreciate the different forms of art that are available today.  If you are a collector, thank you for considering my art.  You are what pushes me on and what encourages me to refine my skill.