Off and Running

Off and Running

Welcome to my website.  This has been over a year long process but finally I have gotten to upload many of my paintings and feel like it has some substance.  I have worked for years in oils, sometimes on canvas and sometimes on masonite.  More recently I have been doing acrylic paintings as the medium is a little more flexible and in the past I have been concerned about the possible danger of fumes and chemicals in the oil pigments.  (....but I really love the rich colors!)

I like to paint nature and have enjoyed my angel letters as I have been hesitant to work on faces and figures but so far I am pleased with how they have turned out.  

I would love to know subject matter that would be of interest.  Let me know if you have suggestions.

As I can I will post some fun things I have made over the years of many different materials and ideas including some gifts I have made for my daughters.

Thanks for looking.

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